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Over the years many country music magazines and newspapers have been published in Australia. They have varied from very basic club news sheets to superb full colour professional magazines and have been distributed through clubs, newsagents and subscriptions. Some still exist* while many others have fallen by the wayside.  Here is a selection of these publications, which have brought so much information and pleasure to country music fans over the past 50 years.

* Existing publications at the head of the list and in red

• Country Music Capital News

First published as an annual quarter-fold in 1974 by 2TM in support of the Tamworth Festival, “Cap News” went monthly in 1983 as a tabloid newspaper under the editorship of Jazzer Smith. Bought by Rural Press in 1995 and, since October 2001, printed as a glossy magazine. It is Australian country music’s longest running publication. Capital News also publishes the Official Tamworth Festival Guide, a separate publication since January 1999.


• Directory of Australian Country Music

First published annually from 1996 by Max Ellis Marketing in Tamworth. Now published under licence by Rural Press events.


• Country Update

First published by the National Country Music Muster at Gympie in 1994.  The Update was taken over by Gayle Madill in 1998 and has successfully developed under the editorship of Bob Anthony.


• Country Music Bulletin

Magazine for the industry with emphasis on independents, published from 1999 in Tamworth by Cliff and Dee Giles. Purchased in 2003 by Bob and Leane Kirchner.


Also on-line weekly at


• Country Music Listeners Association News Letter

Published by Smoky and Paula Sheldrick in Port Macquarie from 1998.


• The Northern Daily Leader

Tamworth’s daily paper owned by Rural Press which, from the late 1990s, published a number of special Festival editions and features as well as regular on-going news of country music people and activities year round, especially as they relate to Tamworth as Australia's Country Music Capital.


• Tamworth Times (weekly)

Tamworth’s weekly newspaper owned by Rural Press which publishes a special program feature in conjunction with the annual January festival.


• Triple AAA Murri Country

News letter of 4AAA FM in Brisbane from 1998.


• Country Music Tymes

Newsletter of the West Morton (Queensland) Country Music Association

• Prelude

News letter published monthly by the South Australian Council of Country Music and edited by Wally Sparrow.


• Country Call

The newsletter of the Adelaide Country Music Club

• Spurs

First published by Radio 2LM in Lismore in 1952, later in Sydney by Joy and Heather McKean until the early '60s.

MCMA Country Music Times

First published in 1965 in Brisbane as the official magazine of the Modern Country Music Association.

• Australasian Country Music Annual

Published by BAL Marketing in the 1970s and early eighties as a support to the Tamworth Festival.

• Country Magazine

Published by Max King in Sydney from 1994

• Country Music World

Published by Jim and Beryl Wicks in Woodbridge, Qld from 1972.

• Country & Western Spotlight

Published by Eddie and Maureen Birt in Brisbane from 1955 to the early 1980s.

• The Country Music Newsletter

Published by Don Gresham from Murwillumbah in NSW in the early 1970s

• Country Music Round Up

Published in August 1972 by the Aurora Foundation for the Blind in Queensland.

• Country Club House

Published and edited by Claude Woodbridge in Canberra in the early seventies.

• Australasian Rodeo-Country Music

Published  in Brisbane from 1978

• Country Music Roundup

Published by Federal Publishing and edited by Greg Bush and John Elliott from 1997.

• Country Beat

Published and edited by Max Thorburn in Mildura from 1986.

• Country Music Express

Published and edited by Eric Scott in Tamworth from 1971

• Australian Country Music

Published by Federal Publishing and edited by John Elliott and Greg Bush from 1992

• Total Country Magazine

Published in Charmhaven NSW and edited by David Latta from  September 1995.

• Across Country

Published in Ferntree Gully Vic. and edited by Jazzer Smith and Christine Whyte  from 1978

• Aussie Post Magazine

Started publishing dedicated country music news and pics  from John Elliott in 1999. Folded in 2002.

• The Country Chronicle

Published by Country FM 91.9 in Geelong from 1998, edited by Ian Hogan.

• Country Music Australia

Published by Universal Magazines and edited by John Elliott in 1998

• Our Country

Quarterly news letter published by the CMAA from February 1992 until the early 2000s edited by Max Ellis and Bob Kirchner.

• Shorty Ranger Fan Club Newsletter

This newsletter ran for many years on a regular basis. It was discontinued after Shorty's death in 2007.


Australian country music websites

A listing of country music sites of general interest. Note, does not include the hundreds of individual artist and company websites that now proliferate.

• Australian Bush Balladeers Association

News from the traditionalists... www.bushballadeers.com.au

• Australian Bush Laureate Awards

Nominations and information about present and previous of the Awards... www.bushlauteate.com.au

• Australian Country Fans

Comprehensive interactive info source for all fans of country music in Australia with pics, forums profiles etc... www.countryfans.com.au

• Australian Country Music Foundation

Promoting knowledge of and interest in the history and heritage of Australian country and traditional music through the creation of an extensive archive and Hall of Fame in Tamworth... www.acmf.org.au

• Australasian Country Music News .. Digital Music Centre

News, new releases, festival info... news.digitalmusiccentre.com.au

• Australian Country Music Online – CMAA

Country Music Association of Australia site with details of activities, gig guides, coming events, etc... www.country.com.au

• Australian Country Music Page

The Aussie bands music page... www.aussiebands.com.au

Australasian Music Industry Directory

Phil Tripp's comprehensive music directory published twice a year... www.immedia.com.au/amid

• Big Country Radio

Online 24 Hour Country Music Radio Station originating from the NSW Central Coast... www.bigcountryradio.com.auwww.coolcountry.com.au

• Bluegrass Australia

Home of Bluegrass Australia with news and views from the bluegrass world... www.bluegrass.org.au

• Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) 

Showcasing the best country music... www.caama.com.au

• CMC Country Music Channel

Australia's own country music clips channel with special event and feature programming... www.countrymusicchannel.com.au

• Country Beat Online

The web site of Mildura based Country Beat... www.hotfm.org.au

• Country Capers 

Country Music News from South East Queensland... www.countrycapers.com.au

Country Music Bulletin Online

The latest Australian country music news updated "as it happens" – produced by Bob Kirchner... www.countrymusicbulletin.com.au

• Country Music Capital News

Australia's number one country music publication with news and information from Australia and around the world... www.capitalnews.com.au

• Country Music Hall of Fame

The ACMF established, and has care of, numerous items of significane in its national archive in the city of Tamworth – all part of the Foundation's BOLD plan to build a much bigger and better Australian Country Music Hall of Fame

• Country Music Online

Country FM's site with news, features Festivals, gig guides, etc... www.countrymusic.net.au

• Country Music Photos, Tamworth

Country Music Festival photos. Photographs of Tamworth country music festival... www.ccimage.com.au

Country Music Shack

Contemporary, traditional, Australian, rodeo, trucking, blue grass, and aboriginal music CDs. Based in Australia... www.countrymusicshack.com.au

• Country Music Store

All sorts of Australian and overseas country music with huge artist links list... www.countrymusic.com.au

• Country Update

Details of this country music magazine from Gympie... www.countryupdate.com.au

• Cowboys in Cyberspace

Bob Howe started this awarded site in 1977... www.shownet.com.au

• Dig Country 

ABC Radio's country music spot on their internet music service... www.abc.net.au/dig

• History of Country Music

A site dedicated to the history of country music in Australia – presented by Max Ellis from Tamworth... www.historyofcountrymusic.com.au

• Ice News Australia/NZ

Monthly email digest supporting independent artists – presented by Deborah Minter... www.skymesh.net.au/~icenews

• In Music & Media

The ultimate Australian music business portal with news, resources and links... www.themusic.com.au

• Kinda Country

Traditional Australian country music online radio ranging from the origins of country through to today's artists... www.kindacountry.com.au

• National Archive 

The National website archive. Search for country music... pandora.nla.gov.au/index.html

• Nu Country

Victorian based country music community TV program on air throughout Australia & NZ... www.nucountry.com.au

Saturday Night Country

All part of Saturday Night Country, Australia's Home of Country Music on the radio, from 10pm to 2am (EST) and of course you can listen on demand to last weeks show... www.abc.net.au/snc

Tamworth Country Music

January Festival information from Country Music Capital... www.tamworthcountrymusic.com.au 

• Tamworth Country Music Train

Country music express to Tamworth each January... www.tamworthcountrymusictrain.com.au

• Tamworth Rage Page

Helen huge site has news, views, pictures, gig guides, the lot... www.tamworthragepage.com

• Telstra Country Music

Tamworth Country Music Festival action - including live webcasts, video, interviews with the stars, Telstra Road To Tamworth... www.telstra.com/countrymusic

• The Big Golden Guitar Tourist Centre and online country music

Big Golden Guitar Tourist Centre and online country music shop located in Tamworth; also has the Country Music Gallery of Stars wax museum... www.biggoldenguitar.com.au

• Tim Holland Country

Country music news and entertainment from Tim... www.timhollandcountry.com

• Warren Fahey and Larrikin Label

Country music played an important part of Larrikin's early catalogue... warrenfahey.com/producer.html

• Wranglers Webpage

A bootscooting site from Victoria with plenty of country music radio info... www.geocities.com/bootscootingvic

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